BPetersonDesign is the preferred professional e-commerce website builder for small businesses nationwide. While many starter businesses start with a cheap and cookie-cutter website builder such as a Shopify or Wix online store, many business owners are making the switch to BPetersonDesign as their e-commerce website designer for their online store to get ahead of their competition or grow more aggressively. There are many reasons you shouldn’t build your own website if you are serious about growing your business.

DNK Knives in Cave Creek, Arizona recently made the switch from Shopify to BPetersonDesign. Keep reading to learn why this online store made the switch and how they’re doing now!

Before the Re-Design

DNK Knives Old Site - Front Page

After the Re-Design

DNK Knives New Site - Front Page

Initial Consult: Client Overview & Goals

DNK Knives came to us because he was limited with his existing Shopify design and wanted help with more advanced features. The new goal he set for his company was to have his website rank better on Google search engine. With over 600 products, an existing POS, and a storefront, the owner wasn’t sure the best way to move this project forward. Starting with a new platform sounds overwhelming and can be intimidating for anyone, but included in our services is we guide you through each step in bite-size pieces so we eventually reach the finish line.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

While no actual elephants are harmed in the process of the e-commerce website design, that’s our way of saying we’ll make a very large and overwhelming project into an obtainable one.

Completing Initial Steps

DNK Knives decided to jump all in. As with all of our clients, DNK Knives was assigned a project manager as their own point-of-contact. Our Project manager sent over our worksheet to be completed. The e-commerce website worksheet is more advanced than our small business website worksheet, as we address third party selling platforms, accounting software, credit card processor, shipping, and more. It’s a quick “Yes or No” checklist to keep it simple – we just need to know what areas we need to address throughout the process.

Once we had access to his Shopify account and finished transferring his domain to our internal servers, we were cooking with fire!

New E-Commerce Website Design Began

Our team started by importing over his products and categories from Shopify into the new Woo-Commerce platform. Once the import was finished, we were then able to start designing the websites around those. Many knife enthusiasts have a preferred brand they buy, so it was important we made the brands stand out. We did this by adding “Shop by Brand” in their menu. When customers hover over it, eye catching brand logos drop down. When you mouse over the logos, they change from black to their colored version and pop-up.

Before the Re-Design

How Shop by Brand used to be displayed on DNK Knives website

After the Re-Design

How shop by brand is now displayed on their new website

Initial SEO

Our team worked on search engine optimization (SEO) and content. Each category page has write-ups about the products and links to relevant pages. Having write-ups about the category page they are on as well as links to knife types we are referring to makes for an easy transition. Under each write-up is the list of knives for sale in that category. From there, customers can read about the products from the product pages and complete their purchase online.

DNK Knives NEW Category Page

Final Details and Training

Once the website was finished, DNK Knives went through a testing phase to go through pages. We were able to export all of his coupon codes out of Shopify and into his new website.

We trained him how he can handle his walk-in clients, as well as how to process his online orders after he received his first order on the new site. And although he already had a credit card processor, we were able to help him save money on processing fees by switching over to ours. DNK Knives is also using our email server, which is already included in the monthly hosting fee – so he didn’t need to pay additional for company emails.

From the time DNK Knives signed up to the time of launching, it took us a total of 2 1/2 months to complete this project. The best part is, there was never any downtime! He used his old Shopify website until his new WordPress Woocommerce Online Store was ready, and shut down Shopify as soon as we was familiar with the new platform.

He gets up to 1-hour of updates included in his monthly hosting, so he sends his BPD point-of-contact new brands to add as he brings them in. Our relationship never ended when we launched – it continues to grow, along with his business!

Half Year Growth Comparison

Half a year later, we reviewed DNK Knives’s Google Analytics data. There was a clear traffic spike that stayed consistent once the new website launched. Our marketing team wrote custom blog articles on his website based on the hot topics his potential customers were searching for.

After a meeting we had to see how everything was performing on their end, he confirmed he is converting more sales and the credit card processor we switched him to is saving him money on processing fees.

To top it off, he continues to grow his product selection by taking advantage of our 1-hour of included monthly updates. He sends us new brands to add to his website almost on a monthly basis.

DNK Knives traffic spike after new website launch
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