In our line of work, we often work with clients who want to start producing blog articles that are worth reading. Smart! We have seen a lot of them copy articles from a different website and paste into their own blog. Others write articles that are more along the lines of a Tweet–Only a couple sentences long.

Writing blog articles is not only a great way to show your website is consistently adding fresh content, but it’s a great way to keep traffic coming back to your website. Sounds easy enough, right? You may be thinking, All I have to do is write some gibberish in a blog about some topic and WAH-LA!  or Maybe I can just copy this article from this website and paste into my own blog! Right? Wrong! Having a successful blog is very time consuming, and there are a lot of do’s and don’ts that come with it.


1. Topics need to be related to your line of work

Let’s take for example Real Estate Agents. Their blog articles could relate to Home Improvement, Do It Yourself (DIY) Tips, Things Sellers Can Do To Raise The Value of Their Home… you get it. It wouldn’t make sense for a Real Estate Agent to write articles on fitness and meal prep. It’s not related to your line of work! Unless you’re a fitness trainer on the side, of course, but even then, those types of articles would go on your Fitness Blog, not your Real Estate Blog. If you are trying to grow your real estate business, then your articles need to relate to your profession.

2. Use Original. Fresh. Unique. Content!

Every article needs to contain original content. This means no copy and pasting from other websites, even if you are giving the original author credit. This is where blog articles start to get time consuming.

3. Add in your Targeted Keywords

You may be wondering, What are targeted keywords? This is going to be part of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Targeted keywords are specific phrases that you think your potential customers and visitors might use in a search engine hoping to find a site like yours. You want good targeted keywords because it is the key to improving your site’s visibility in search engines.

4. Consistency is Key

Figure out how often you’re going to post and stay consistent. Let’s not be an over-achiever, and set some realistic goals. Start with posting one or two articles a month. Stay consistent with your topics. If you talk about Home Improvement and Community Events, then stick with those topics so your viewers know why they keep coming back!


So as you can see, blogs can take time. Writing original content with a fresh and unique approach while making sure you keep targeted keywords in every article and staying consistent takes focused time and conscientious effort. This can become an inconvenience if your time is more valuable somewhere else in your business. Writing these articles may not be the most productive thing to do with your time, however, it is a necessity for your website. Hiring a blogger to write for your business blog may just be one of the best business decisions you make. A real blogger should know all this, and they will know how important each article is and how it affects your ranking on search engines.

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