BPetersonDesign specializes in e-commerce web design for small businesses nationwide. It’s common that many starter businesses start with a cheaper and cookie-cutter website builder such as a Shopify, GoDaddy Website Builder, or Wix online store. Once they have established a more stable cash flow, many business owners are making the switch to BPetersonDesign as their e-commerce website builder for their online store to get ahead of their competition or grow more aggressively. There are many reasons you shouldn’t build your own website if you are serious about growing your business.

Ouray Silversmiths in Montrose, Colorado is now utilizing both BPetersonDesign and Shopify together. How is that possible? Read on to learn more.

Before the Re-Design

Ouray Silversmiths Homepage before the re-design

After the Re-Design

Ouray Silversmiths New Front Page

Initial Consult: Client Overview & Goals

Ouray Silversmiths originally came to us in year 2020 because they were unhappy with their old design. It was clustered with a lot of inconsistency as well as confusing to their customers because their main site made them leave to a secondary site to be able to order. This handcrafted jewelry company processes many orders on a daily basis, so they were not ready to change over their POS system. We integrated their Shopify system in their new Woocommerce website design so they can have their new website while still keeping their point of sale system through Shopify.

Product Page Before the Re-Design

Ouray Silversmiths Product Page before the re-design

Product Page After the Re-Design

Product page after our redesign

WooCommerce Website Integrations

Shopify Connector

For them to be able to keep using Shopify as their POS System and have nothing change for them on their end, we integrated it within their website. This allows all new or updated products they enter in their system to feed to their website. This also allows all new orders to feed from their WooCommerce platform to their Shopify POS system so they can process orders as usual.

USPS Real-Time Rates

To calculate actual shipping rates that USPS charges, we integrated USPS Real Time Rates. For this to function, we needed the product shipping weights and dimensions. This way the system can automatically calculate where the package is shipping from and where it is shipping to – then compares it to the USPS system to grab real time shipping rates.


What is TaxJar? This modern cloud-based platform automates sales tax compliance for commerce businesses. We use this integration as often as we can for our e-commerce clients who ship nationwide because it automatically calculates accurate sales tax at checkout and files taxes for each state. No more having to file manually for every state.

Credit Card Processor

Ouray Silversmiths signed up for our Credit Card Processor as we were able to save them money on credit card percentage fees. So far, 100% of our clients who sign up for our credit card processor – we were able to beat the fees they were paying to their own credit card processor.

Passing Google PageSpeed Score

As always, we were able to launch their new website with a Passing Score on Google PageSpeed. The “Before” site we have displayed below was hosted on our servers, so that automatically gave it a higher score than they started at. However, building a WordPress Woocommerce Online Store from scratch on our own platform is always the better option as you can see – as we have full control of building these websites with proper structure and follow Google’s guidelines from scratch.

Google PageSpeed Before the Re-Design

Google PageSpeed on Ouray Silversmiths old website

Google PageSpeed After the Re-Design

Google PageSpeed on Ouray Silversmiths new website
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