Rok-Bilt Steel has been a client of ours since we first opened our location in Montrose, Colorado, before he moved his business to Louisiana. Staying a client all of these years and watching his business grow overtime, he was ready for a website redesign as his site was starting to look dated and wasn’t performing responsively like it should. He was also wanting it to include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so he can reach more of his targeted audience.

Here’s how we transformed Rok-Bilt Steel’s site with a website redesign:

Before the Re-Design

Rok-Bilt Steel Homepage before the re-design

After the Re-Design

Rok-Bilt Steel Homepage after the re-design

The Goals Of a Website Redesign

Rok-Bilt Steel‘s old website design displayed a site-wide side menu while offering all of the main content on the right side. As part of the website redesign, he now wanted the menu to be displayed on the top of his page, which we highly recommended due to his goal of improving his website with SEO – making his pages a lot longer.

His old website also had some inconsistencies when it came to being responsive, which can happen when you don’t redesign your website every few years.

As Rok-Bilt Steel experienced growth through the years, he was ready to upgrade his website with SEO to improve his website ranking and reach more of his targeted audience. Our team had to create all of the content from scratch as his old website did not have any. The BPetersonDesign in-house content creators and SEO specialists worked together to create informative content for each of his Market pages and create that around the best Google Keywords and Phrases that his customers are searching for. This part of the website redesign process is by far the most time consuming.

Before the Re-Design

Rok-Bilt's Market Page before the re-design showing not content or SEO

After the Re-Design

Rok-Bilt's Market Page after the re-design showing new content with SEO

How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

We recommend redesigning your website every 3 years, and making consistent monthly updates to it in between. Updates are consistently coming out, which leaves older elements within a website dated – and not able to function seamlessly with newer upgrades. This is why you will find an older website clunky and doesn’t deliver a positive user experience.

Many website platforms and software come out with updates quarterly, while plugins need upgrading even more often than that. So having a modern site that is able to better utilize the newest security updates and newest features is not only offering your customers the best experience possible, but shows Google that you are following their protocols (Google PageSpeed, SSL certificates, firewall, etc). This gives you a better chance for first page ranking on Google search engine, and also makes your company look more appealing than your competition.

Should You Consider Marketing After A Website Redesign?

Not having digital marketing for your website is like building a new brick and mortar on a back road and assuming people will just know you exist. However, in order for digital marketing to be the most effective, you have to have an updated website. So it’s not “one over the other” – they both need to be utilizing the latest techniques in order for them to complement each other.

If you can make it work with your budget, the most effective Facebook marketing is a monthly Social Ad Campaign. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager and a Facebook Certified Specialist will be assigned to your account. We will have monthly review meetings to go over how your ads performed, how/if we need to adjust the audience targeting, and more.

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